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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

White House Pow-Wow Today on Budget - All of the Congressional leaders will be meeting with President Obama this morning at 11:00 AM ET. The president is pushing for a larger deal in the range of 4 Trillion in cuts over the next twelve years and revenue enhancements will be a part of that deal. The deadline of July 22 to reach an agreement in time to avoid a national default on Aug 2, is rapidly approaching. The NY Times has a good read here.


First Ever Presidential Twitter To
wn Hall - yesterday, was the big day for President Obama to use the popular communications tool. He answered many questions posed, including one from House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who asked "..., where were the jobs"? has more here.


Geithner looking For Ways To Avoid Default -
with the August 2 deadline only weeks away, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been involved in discussions over various options which may exist for them to take should no agreement be reached to raise the 14.3 trillion debt ceiling. Among the options under discussions is whether congressional approval is needed to raise the debt ceiling, and if government can delay and/or prioritize payments. has more here.


Shutdown of Minnesota Government Costing Millions -
sales of lottery tickets amount to 1.25 million per day in lost revenue as the failure to reach agreement of a budget continues to play havoc in the state. Another 1 million in fees per week from state parks is being lost along with an estimated 52 million a month in tax revenue not being collected. You can read more here.


Democratic Governors Association Raises 11 Million -
a record haul for the first six months of this year. They also reported having 8.6 million cash on hand. However, the Republican Governors Association reported raising 22.1 million over the first six moths this year with 16.2 million cash on hand. has more here.


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