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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daily Political Wire 4-6-2010

George Wenschhof

Just a little bit high and outside - Yesterday, President Obama threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals opener.
He also donned his favorite team's (Chicago White Sox) baseball hat when he reached the pitcher's mound.

The Phillies would go on to win the game 11-1 behind newly acquired pitcher Ray Halladay.


Today, President Barack Obama is expected to announce a new U.S. nuclear strategy -
he will discuss his thoughts of stopping new development of nuclear weapons along with the reduction of existing nuclear weapons. The President will also discuss a policy on the use of existing weapons. The NY Times has more here.

On Thursday, President Obama travels to Prague to sign the nuclear arms treaty with Russia. next week, the U.S. will host leaders of 47 countries in D.C. for a summit on nuclear security.


More turmoil at Republican National Committee -
RNC chief of staff Ken McKay has now resigned and with him goes the consulting firm headed by Curt Anderson. RNC chair Michael Steele is not leaving anytime soon. has more here.

Seems he has become accustomed to the stays in luxury resorts, the trips by private charted planes and being driven around in limos. This is the type of attention Republican leaders do not want at a time leading up to the mid term elections.

To further stir the pot, it is now being reported that Steele has just hired Neil Alpert as a special finance assistant for the RNC. Just so happens, the reporting also includes the fact Alpert was fined in 2007 by the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance for improperly using funds of a non-profit. Sounds like he will be a good fit for the RNC. has more here.

There is an old country saying that says "a Fish rots from the head down" and it is painfully true in this case. It is past time for Steele to go.


Upcoming Special Elections in Pa. and Hawaii have Democrats on edge -
in May the elections will be held to replace retired Representative Neil Abercrombie (D) and the late Representative John Murtha (D-Pa.). The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is involved in both campaigns as they realize the "talking points" Republicans could gain with wins in one or both of these elections.

After all, Hawaii is Obama's home state and a Republican win in either or both states would be used to show how the tide is turning prior to the mid term elections in November. has more here.


U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner visits India -
he will conduct talks with Finance Minister Pranab Mukerjee. They will hold wide ranging talks surrounding financial investments, infrastructure and economic stability. Geithner wants India to open it's highly regulated market to U.S. investment. You can read more here.


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