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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daily Political Wire 3-25-2010

George Wenschhof

Today, President Barack Obama will visit Iowa and give a speech on the highlights of health care reform for Americans -
it was may 2007 when, as a candidate for president, he first announced in Iowa City, his ideas for health care reform. has more here.

Over 16,500 have requested tickets for a complex which holds 3,000. I will post the video of the speech later today.


Republicans successful in requiring another House vote on Amendments to Health care bill -
after failing yesterday in about a dozen amendments introduced, Republicans saw the Parliamentarian rule in their favor on two minor provisions; one concerning a formula used to determine maximum Pell grants. Neither of which is considered a problem when sent back to the House. The health care bill signed by the president remains the law of the land.

The Senate is expected to complete work on the amendments today and a vote will follow shortly. It will then be sent to the House for another vote which could take place as early as tonight. The NY Times has more


U.S. and Russia set to reach agreement on nuclear arms reduction -
President Obama met yesterday with Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.); chair of the senate Foreign Relations Committee and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) to discuss the details of the upcoming announcement. AP has more here.

President Obama will meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev within the next couple of weeks in Prague to announce the agreement. Long range nuclear weapons will be reduced by each side to 1,500. This agreement will replace the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads home without agreement -
after meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice president Joe Biden, Congressional Leaders and President Barack Obama; no agreement was reached to restart the Palestine-Israel peace process. has more here.

Continued construction of settlements in East Jerusalem remains the main issue of dispute. U.S. Middle East Envoy George Mitchell has his hands full and he is a well respected negotiator.


McCain and Palin to reunite tomorrow in Arizona
- Palin will speak at a fund raiser for Senator John McCain to be held in Phoenix. The has more here. About 1000 are expected to attend. His Republican primary opponent J.D. Hayworth is going the "tea party" route; attending many of their functions. It is rumored "Joe the Plumber" used by McCain-Palin in the 2008 presidential election will be supporting Hayworth. McCain is leading Hayworth 48% - 41% in the latest Rasmussen polling.

With those type of endorsements for the Republican candidates, there appears hope for the Democratic candidate for senate; if one would declare. To date, no Democrat has announced for this seat.


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