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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

29 Companies Pull Ads from Limbaugh -
and the hits keep coming after talk show host Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown Law student a "slut". To see the list, click here.


Romney Wins Prize State of Ohio -
once again, Mitt Romney came from behind to beat back a challenger, this time in swing state Ohio, squeaking out a narrow victory. Romney totaled six victories yesterday, Rick Santorum won three states, Newt Gingrich won only his home state of Georgia and Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) had none.

While, Romney's victories have not been convincing, he remains the front runner, with no other announced candidate in position to stop him from his path to the Republican Party nomination.

Total delegates to date: Romney-415, Santorum-176, Gingrich-105 and Paul-47.

All in all, no big surprises on the Republican "not so super" Tuesday primary day. has their thoughts here.

CNN has the Five Things We Learned From Super Tuesday here.

Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post weighs in here. has their Five Super Tuesday Takeaways here.

and Jeff Zeleny of The NY Times adds his thoughts here.


Kucinich Loses To Kaptur -
Republican controlled redistricting in the state resulted in two Democratic incumbent Representatives facing each other with Marcy Kaptur defeating Dennis Kucinich. has more here.


"Joe The Plumber" Wins in Ohio -
Samuel Wurzelbacher, who was used by the McCain 2008 presidential campaign to symbolize blue collar workers, won his primary yesterday. He will face Democrat Marcy Kaptur, who is favored to win. has more here.


216,000 Private Sector Jobs Added in February -
a better than expected number and follows a gain of 173,000 jobs in January. has more here.


Red Cross Still Denied Access To Homs -
even after rebels withdrew, Syrian government shelling of the battered city continued. U.N. aid representatives are trying to negotiate with the Syrian government so Red Cross workers can enter to provide food and aid to wounded. You can read more here.


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