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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Obama Gives AIPAC Speech This Morning -
the pivotal speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee coming a day before Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with President Obama at the White House.

Look to see the President reassure Israel of the U.S. commitment to Israel's security.

The speech, beginning at 10:50 AM ET, will be shown on CNN.


Add Washington To Recent Victories By Romney - the non binding delegate state won by Mitt Romney Saturday came before ten states vote on Tuesday. Ron Paul, with 25%, nudged out Rick Santorum for second place in the state of Washington. Mainstream media is trying to add drama to the non so super Tuesday primaries when about 400 delegates are at stake.

Pointing to swing state Ohio as a state Romney must win and pointing out if Newt Gingrich can not win his home state of Georgia, he should drop out.

The reality is it is still Romney's nomination to lose as his campaign money and organization will be tough for any of the other candidates to overcome. has their thoughts here.


Six Advertisers Cancel - Limbaugh Apologizes -
as one Facebook poster said others have been fired and removed from the airwaves for less than what Rush Limbaugh said when he referred to Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke as a "Slut". has more here.


Vote Rigging Charges Comes as Russian Election Begins -
reports of voters being bused from polling location to polling location and voting repeatedly mar the election underway to elect the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin, former president and prime minister, is expected to easily win the election. The Washington Post has more here.


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