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Friday, June 22, 2018

Kim Williams wants to be an advocate for children

Kim L. Williams
George Wenschhof

Kim Williams, a widowed mother of three boys has long been involved in the Frederick County Parent Teacher Association (PTA).  When I asked her why she was running for the Board of Education in Frederick County, Maryland, she said "I want to be an advocate for children".

The board of education race in Frederick County is a nonpartisan election with four seats up for election.  On primary election day June 26, voters will choose eight candidates who will continue to the general election held on November 6, 2018.  Voters will determine in the General Election the four who will serve on the board.

Ms. Williams has been involved with the Frederick County PTA since 1991, serving as president and vice president at Whittier and West Frederick Middle school. In addition, she volunteered in safe and sane, band boosters, regular boosters and sports.  Her youngest son graduated from Frederick High School in 2015.  "Now", Kim tells me "I want to serve on the board".

Kim grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and joined the Navy where she received training as a Dental Technician.  She would meet her late husband of 32 years, who died from cancer in 2011, at Bethesda Naval Medical Center.  She is proud of their three sons, all educated in Frederick County schools.  Today, Kim is a senior program analyst with General Dynamics Information Technology located at Fort Detrick. 

She ran for alderman in The City of Frederick election last year.  Although, she did not win, she was proud to see two African American candidates be elected for the first time and enjoyed getting to know voters and elected officials.

School safety is of paramount concern to many parents today in light of the many mass shooting across the country.  I asked her what she felt about the proposal to arm teachers and she was quick to say "I am opposed to arming teachers". 

Ms. Williams said the causes of these tragedies were complicated with mental health issues often a factor.  She felt parents, fellow students and teachers can all be of help identifying a student who may need help.  Kim also supports working with the sheriff department to see if the number of School Resource Officers (SRO's) can be increased.

When it comes to standardized testing, Ms. Williams said "There needs to be a method, but I think they are being over tested".  She added "not all kids test well and teachers are spending time teaching to the test".

I asked Ms. Williams what her position was in regard to redistricting in light of some schools being overcrowded and others under capacity.  She said "I do think it is necessary to get a better balance".

While she supports government funding of charter schools, Kim said "they need to be held accountable to their charter or lose it".

I asked Kim what she would like to accomplish while serving on the board of education and she said "I would like to see increased diversity in the teachers and I want teachers to be fairly compensated - too many young teachers are leaving Frederick County to go to Montgomery County".

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