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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

53% Blame Republicans for Shutdown and GOP Approval Rating Drops to 32% - Asked who they consider responsible for the impasse, 53 percent of poll respondents cite Republicans, 29 percent blame Obama and 15 percent fault both sides equally. Republicans who support the tea party movement overwhelmingly blame Obama for what happened, but among Republicans who do not back the tea party, almost as many cite congressional Republicans as name Obama or both.

There was little in the findings for the GOP to feel good about. The party’s image has sunk to an all-time low in Post-ABC surveys, with 32 percent of the public saying they have a favorable opinion and 63 percent saying they have an unfavorable view. Almost four in 10 Americans have a strongly unfavorable view of the GOP.

The tea party fares just as badly. Barely a quarter of the public has a favorable image of the movement, the lowest rating in Post-ABC polling.  The Washington Post has more here.


Prospects for Democrats to Pick up Seats in Senate Increases after Shutdown - Senate Democrats have emerged from the government shutdown more confident about holding control of the upper chamber in 2014 — with some polls fueling hopes the party could pick up a seat or two currently held by the GOP.
The sentiment marks a shift in attitude even from this summer, when partisans on both sides viewed control of the Senate as a toss-up. has more here.


Cruz Promises to Continue Fight Against Obamacare - Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, returned home to a heroes welcome on Monday, pledging to a crowd of excited supporters that he would continue his crusade against President Barack Obama's health care law despite criticism from some members of his own party.

The Texas firebrand began his remarks at a tea party rally in Houston by jokingly acknowledging the ire some fellow Republicans have directed at him after helping to orchestrate a government shutdown that resulted in a sharp drop in the GOP's approval ratings. has more here.


Christie Drops Appeal, New Jersey Latest State to Adopt Same-Sex Marriage - Christie, who faces inherent geographic suspicion with the base as a Northeastern Republican, asked the state’s acting attorney general to nix the appeal on a ruling making same-sex marriage legal in New Jersey.

The reason, according to a statement from his office? He knew he’d lose, and, the implied point goes, what’s the point in going down swinging just to make a point — especially for a former U.S. attorney?

“Chief Justice Rabner left no ambiguity about the unanimous court’s view on the ultimate decision in this matter when he wrote, same-sex couples who cannot marry are not treated equally under the law today,’” the statement from his aides said. has more here.


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