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Saturday, September 28, 2013

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George Wenschhof

I appreciate the financial contributions many of you have made and it is through your generous donations I have been able to continue to publish political news and commentary.

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Since, my return to Frederick, Maryland after an extended west coast trip, I have been bringing you timely news and thoughtful commentary on local as well as national issues.

I broke the news that former Frederick Board of County Commissioners Jan Gardner had formed a candidate committee and was seriously moving forward toward filing for the new county executive position next year.

This filing sets up the possibility of what promises to be a bitter contest between present Republican Frederick Board of County Commissioners Blaine Young and Democrat Jan Gardner.

When local activist Val Dale brought to my attention the proposed sale of the Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Care facilities, I penned commentary that was presented as testimony to the Maryland Board of Public Works, who voted to delay approval of the sale, pending the outcome of pending litigation.

With this being the year of The City of Frederick election, I have interviewed candidates for mayor and alderman in the City of Frederick and published their positions on the issues for you to read.

With enough financial contributions from you, I plan to videotape a roundtable discussion between the three mayoral candidates, so you can see them responding in a similar manner you do when you are discussing politics with your friends and family around the kitchen table.  I would plan to have this video online at least two weeks prior to the election.

In the city election, I was the first to report on loopholes being used by candidates to get around the financial limits an individual/entity could contribute.  My disclosure of Galen Clagett’s campaign for mayor receiving $30,000 from entities associated with two people, has led to a move to amend the city campaign contribution law.

Not satisfied with waiting until a law could be amended to apply to future elections, I asked the city mayoral and alderman candidates to agree to a pledge to abide by the “spirit of the law”, not just the letter of the law.

All of the candidates responded to the pledge and all eyes will now be on future financial reports filed by city candidate campaigns.

Your donations are what enable me to continue to bring timely political news and commentary to you.

Please consider making a donation today of $25, $50, $100 or more. Your contributions are appreciated.

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