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Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Unemployment and the Economy Top Issues For Voters -
the latest Gallup poll reflects what most already knew. What is important to note is health care was identified by only 4% as an important issue and immigration and education received only 3%. has more here.


Romney Maintains First Place in Latest Poll -
Mitt Romney continues to come in first, receiving a bump to 32% among republican contenders for president. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has Herman Cain still in second with 27% and Newt Gingrich rising to 22%. Texas Governor Rick Perry and Minnesota representative Michele Bachmann continue to fade receiving only 4% and 2%. Former U.S. Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah Jon Huntsman, arguably the most reasonable one, is dead last at 1%. The Wall Street Journal has more here.


Government Funding Expires November 18 -
a familiar refrain from this dysfunctional Congress. Once again, a continuing resolution is needed to fund government agencies. This vote is needed just five days before triggers go into effect if the super deficit committee is unable to reach agreement on a 1.2 Trillion deficit reduction over the next ten years.

In the midst of all of this, the House, pushed by Republican leadership, will vote for a balanced budget amendment. has more here.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns European Union -
as economic turmoil in Greece and Italy continues to rock the stability of the Euro, Merkel calls for an overhaul of the European Union. has more here.


Government Regulations Minimal Impact on Unemployment -
the Republican Party mantra of government regulations stifling job creation is mostly a myth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has data which shows few layoffs are caused principally by government regulations. The Washington Post has more here.


Chelsea Clinton To Work For NBC -
she will be a special correspondent and begin tonight with a segment called "Making a Difference" about volunteers who make a difference in their communities. It will air on NBC "Nightly News" tonight. has more here.

Chelsea caught my attention when she campaigned with her mother in the 2008 election. She came across well informed and very polished. Will the future produce another politician in the family?


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