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Friday, October 2, 2009

Daily Democratic Wire 10-2-2009

George Wenschhof

Today, President Barack Obama is in Copenhagen - he joined his wife Michelle to give for the first time, a presentation to the International Olympic Committee by a U.S. President, with hopes of Chicago becoming the host of the 2016 Olympics. has more here.

While there, he also met with General Stanley McChrystal aboard Air force One to discuss Afghanistan policy. has more here.


Engagement with Iran produces hope - the Geneva talks yesterday produced an agreement by Iran to allow UN inspectors access to nuclear facilities. In addition, Iran agreed to send enriched uranium to Russia. President Obama expressed the need for Iran to move quickly to allow the UN access. The NY Times has more here.


263,000 jobs cut last month - unemployment continues to climb and is now at 9.8% which is the highest figure since June 1983. Payrolls have now been reduced for 21 straight months. Expect Republicans to jump on this news as another indication the massive 800 Billion Stimulus program is not working. has more here.


Senate Finance Committee finishes mark up of Baucus Health Care bill - the committee is expected to pass it next week. Full Senate debate on health care will most likely begin by the middle of the month. has more here.


Chris Daggett looks to be spoiler in New Jersey Governor race - the better known opponents are Governor Jon Corzine (D) and Chris Christie (R). They had their first debate last night with recent polls showing Christie with a slight lead 43% - 40% over Corzine with Daggett receiving 8%. has more on the debate here.


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constant gina said...

We closed our News Bureaus around the world and punditry substitutes for correspondents. The media and their partisanship is useless to those of us who want unfiltered news.