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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Romney-Gingrich Tied in Latest Poll -
conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, Newt Gingrich was on top of the Republican presidential candidates with 24%. Mitt Romney has 22% with Herman Cain falling to 12% and Texas Governor Rick Perry continuing to fare poorly, had only 10%. has more here.

Only Perry currently has the financial resources to compete after the first four Republican primaries and caucuses, but with his polling so low, he is destined to drop out. Gingrich could catch fire with some good showings in the first four states and raise the needed funds to compete in a drawn out primary, but with so much baggage, it is doubtful.

Romney continues to be the favorite to secure the Republican nomination and likely early in the Republican nomination process- it's his to lose. The anti-Romney choices, while numerous, are weak.


New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte Endorses Romney -
a good reason why Mitt Romney was in New Hampshire and not at the Iowa Republican Forum held last night. She will make the announcement today. You can read more here.


Iowa Social Conservative Forum Held Yesterday -
all of the Republican presidential candidates were invited except Jon Huntsman. Mitt Romney was in New Hampshire holding a town hall meeting and to receive the endorsement from popular Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte. has an update here.


Will Super Committee Fail? -
while Wednesday is the official deadline, the Congressional Budget Office needs 48 hours to analyze a bill before a vote. This makes tomorrow the real deadline. The Washington post has a good read here as to what failure will mean.

The biggest looming issues are the expiring (end of the year) payroll taxes for individuals, an end to long term unemployment compensation, and doctors set to see a 30% cut in government reimbursement for medicare.


Watch Elections in Egypt -
Parliamentary elections are set to be held in one week. The staggered elections. Power is still held by the military with debate ongoing over a to be written constitution. A situation which has protesters out in force once again in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The NY Times has more here.


Matter of Time for Change in Syria -
the government led by Al-Asaad continues to battle protesters who are demanding democratic reform. Actions taken by the Arab League against Syria and economic sanctions signal the end is near for the current government. has an update here.


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