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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Local Couple Produce Health Care Film

George Wenschhof

A local City of Frederick, Maryland couple, who also spend time in Britain, contacted me recently to discuss the health care reform debate swirling through Congress. I sat down with Tony and Ellen West and as we drank our coffee and espresso, they enthusiastically discussed their feelings on U.S. health care reform and the many untruths being spread on the National Health Service (NHS) provided in the United Kingdom.

They were so angry with what was being said, they decided to make a film by interviewing folks while in England before returning home. It turns out Tony is an accomplished producer and editor with many documentaries and advertisements to his credit.

The film was made in four days and upon returning to the U.S. Tony put his editing experience to work adding subtitles along with some spirited banjo music in the background.

They have placed the 2 - part film entitled "The NHS and Me" Part A and Part B on You Tube. I highly recommend you click on the links and watch.


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