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Friday, September 13, 2013

Legal Wrangling Continues By Young in his Effort to Sell Citizens/Montevue Facilities

George Wenschhof

In a letter addressed to Executive Secretary Sheila McDonald of the Maryland Board of Public Works, Frederick board of commissioners president Blaine Young made his case for satisfying a previous aggreement with them and enclosed a check for $200,000.00.  You can read the letter here. 

The Maryland Board of Public Works has twice voted to delay a decision to approve the sale of the Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Care facilities.

In a previous interview I had with Maryland Comproller Peter Franchot, who is one of the three members on the Board of Public Works, we talked about the second vote to delay a decision.

When I asked what he thought of Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young's assertion that the county would go through with the sale regardless of BPW's decision, Franchot said "that would be unwise for him to do so."

When I followed up with a question asking him what did he mean by that, Andrew Friedson said "The Comptroller believes that proceeding with the sale while it remains the subject of active litigation would be highly premature and carry considerable risk. It would be far more prudent to allow the legal process to run its course before taking further action -- as the Board of Public Works did on Wednesday -- and he would encourage the Frederick County Board of Commissioners to do the same."

This move by Blaine Young will surely receive legal scrutiny from the state of Maryland and at the least, it is likely another public meeting by the Board of Public Works and vote would be required.

Meanwhile, legal action to challenge the subdivision of the property and the subsequent sale is still in process.

Comptroller Franchot's advise to the Frederick County Board of Commissioners to "..allow the legal process to run its course before taking further action.." makes sense for Blaine Young to follow.

Stay tuned.


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