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Friday, November 23, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Clash on Border Tests Cease Fire - within a day of the announcement by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egypt President Mohamed Morsi of a  cease fire between Palestine and Israel, Israeli soldiers shot and killed one Palestinian and wounded nine others on the southeast border of the Gaza strip.  So far, the cease fire has held.  The NY Times has more here.


Morsi Claim of New Powers Sparks Protests - Thousands of protestors rallied in Tahrir Square against new seeping powers assumed by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi exempt him and other bodies from judicial review.  Morsi said the sweeping powers were temporary measures meant to stop "weevils" from the former regime from stopping progress.  You can read more here.


Likely Areas of Affordable Care Act Subject to Debt Reduction Talks - Republicans hope to whittle away at some minor provisions in the law which will allow them to save face.  One, is the prevention and public health fund, which was originally set at $15 Billion and was reduced to $8.75 Billion after the first set of cuts enacted. Another, is the $10 Billion allotted for the creation of thre Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. has more here.


Dow Jones Up as Black Friday Begins - the average was up 121 points and the week's gains are on track to be the highest weekly gains since June.  Strong economic indicators from Germany and China were positive signs driving the surge. has more here.


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