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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Syria Blames Rebels for Latest Violence - over 100 were killed, including 30 children, in the shelling of the city of Houla.  This, a clear violation of the U.N. brokered cease fire.  Activists opposed to the assad regime said it was government shelling of Houla which caused the deaths. has more here.


Obama, with Russian Support, Pushes For Assad's Exit - the new plan would require Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down, but allow for much of the regime to remain intact. 

Reportedly, President Obama discussed details of the plan with Russian Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev at the G-8 Summit held at Camp David.  Obama and Russian President Putin are expected to discuss further next month. has more here.


Euro Zone Run on Banks? - is becoming a major concern as uncertainty remains in the make up of the government in Greecea nd whether they will remain in the Euro Zone.  700 million euros were withdrawn from Banks in Greece on Monday and depositers are withdrawing money in Belgium, France and Italy.  In Spain, it was 1 billion euros withdrawan last week.  You can read more here.


Democrats Poised To Win State Senate in Wisconsin Recall Election - much of the news has focused on the recall election of Republican Scott Walker who is facing Democratic Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, which promises to be a close election.  But, Democrats only need to win one of 4 of the state senate recall elections to gain control. has more here.


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