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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Walker Recall Election Underway -
One million signatures turned in on Tuesday by Democrats makes the recall a reality for incumbent Wisconsin Governor Republican Scott Walker. Targeted for his anti-union busting legislation, the governor will now face a special election. Democrats are likely to have a primary to determine their candidate to face Walker. has more here.


Romney Needs To Release Tax Returns Now -
hoping to put off disclosure until after his receives the Republican Party nomination, Mitt Romney has given fodder to his Republican opponents and the Obama reelection campaign. His off hand disclosure he has only paid 15% taxes, will not sit well with working men and women across the country. has more here.


Obama Ponders Raising Taxes on 250K or 1 Million Earners -
in his upcoming budget, President Obama will be proposing raising taxes, the question will be on whom? has more here.


O'Malley To Propose Tax Increase on $100,000+ Earners -
taking another page from the President Obama administration manual, the Maryland Democratic Governor and chair of the Democratic Governors Association is proposing a tax on workers making more than $100,000 to pay for the state's budget shortfall. The Washington Post has more here.


Pakistan Rejects Visit by U.S. Envoy -
another sign the stability in the country is fragile, at best. The relationship with the U.S., an ally, has been strained as the U.S. has continued to use Drones to attack Taliban militants in Pakistan. This comes, as the military, the civilian government, and courts are battling over who is in charge. has more here.


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