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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sunday Morning "Talking Heads" Lineup

George Wenschhof

Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry tries to get back the level of support he enjoyed when he first announced his candidacy with an appearance on Republican friendly Fox News Sunday. He is the latest to try to use a flat tax proposal as a means to garner support. Problem is, when middle class Americans and the working poor look at what it means to them, it shows they would be paying more. Don't look for Perry's economic speech last week to help him in the polls.

Other Republican candidates for president appearing on the morning shows tomorrow will be Rep. Michel Bachmann (Minn.) on ABC "This Week", Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) on CNN "State of the Union", and Herman Cain on CBS "Face The Nation".

Of these three Republican president wannabees, only Herman Cain appears to able to stay in for a while longer. Bachmann and Paul, who have their adoring fans, do not have national support and will be among the early casualties as the Republican primary plays out.

President Obama's closest advisers David Plouffe and David Axelrod also make their appearances tomorrow. Plouffe and Axelrod switched places recently with Axelrod becoming the chief campaign strategist and Plouffe, who ran the 2008 Obama campaign, becoming the senior White House adviser. The fact they are interchangeable highlights they are both on the same page and both close to the president. Plouffe will be on NBC "Meet The Press" and Axelrod will appear on CNN.

ABC "This Week" also will have Microsoft Bill Gates, former Republican House Speaker Dick Armey (Tex.), of "Tea Party" fame and Austan Goolsbee who was a former White House economic adviser. has a preview below.


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