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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Democrat Kathy Hochul Wins NY Dist 26 -
she beat Republican Jane Corwin handily, 48%-42%. This upset win for Democrats was a huge blow to Republican Representative Paul Ryan's (Wisc.) budget reduction plan to revamp Medicare. Medicare became the theme of the election and the results clearly show voters do not want the changes to Medicare proposed by Ryan. Chris Cillizza has more here.


Chrysler Repays Government 7.6 Billion Six Years Early - Democrats Gloat -
with the automobile industry showing positive signs of growth, Democrats are pointing to the auto-bail out by President Obama and the thousands of jobs created in Michigan and Ohio. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has been an early recipient of attacks, with Democratic operatives quick to point out his 2008 NY Times op-ed entitled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt." has more here.


Charges Forthcoming Against John Edwards -
the Department of Justice has given the go ahead with criminal charges to be filed against the former presidential and vice president candidate. Violations of campaign finance law surround activities pertaining to the cover up of an affair Edwards had while running for president. A plea bargain is also still possible. has more here.


Yet Another Fiscal Summit Held Today -
voters are growing tiresome over the continuous talk, but lack of action on the federal budget deficit. Today, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation will host a bipartisan summit with former President Bill Clinton, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) and more. You can watch the summit live here.


Democratic Leaders Concerned with Obama Pre-War 1967 Border Comments -
in spite of efforts by the White House to clarify what President Obama meant in his Middle East speech. The Israel-Palestine border issue is quickly becoming political fodder and a resolution with bipartisan support may be put forth in Congress to rebuff President Obama's comments. has more here.


Mubarak To Be Tried For Death Of Protesters -
the former president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, will face charges he conspired in the death of unarmed protesters. The death penalty could be imposed if he is found guilty. The NY Times has more here.


Palin Movie To Premier Next Month -
in, of all places, Iowa. For Palin lovers, this two hour feature film should satisfy their appetite. the release of the film will rekindle the talk that the former governor of Alaska will run for the Republican Party nomination for president. However, it is more likely, it is another sign, she is in it for the money. has more here.

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