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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daily Political Wire

George Wenschhof

Schwarzenegger Fathered Child with Housekeeper -
seems to be the reason Maria moved out. CNN has more below.


Romney Raises 10.25 Million In One Day - an impressive figure intended to show his force in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Supporters called donors from a convention center in Las Vegas during a "National Call Day" for Mitt Romney. The Boston Globe has more here.


Palin Continues To Tease -
most quiet in the Republican presidential sweepstakes, she mailed 400,000 direct mail pieces out, asking for, what else - money! has more here.

Palin has to see what everyone else is seeing - the Republican presidential field is weak.


7 Out of 10 Americans Hurt By Gas Prices -
according to a poll released by Gallup. This will impact travel plans for this summer for many Americans. has more here.

Count me in on those feeling the pinch of high gas prices. It seems every time I visit the grocery store, the prices have risen on the goods I buy.

Today, a group of Senators, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) will ask the FTC to investigate price fixing. has more here.


Last Budget Reduction Compromise Increased Spending - Wow! -
the Congressional budget Office has released a report that shows the 38.5 Billion spending cut agreement actually increases spending for the rest of this fiscal year by 3.2 Billion. has more here.

Meanwhile, the nation debt ceiling was reached yesterday with no agreement to raise in sight. Americans are tiring of the rhetoric and want results instead.


Thompson To Run For Wisconsin Senate -
Representative Paul Ryan (R) said yesterday he will not run for the seat to be vacated by Democrat Herb Kohl. Instead, it looks like former Governor Tommy Thompson(R) will run. has more here.


NATO and Pakistan Forces Exchange Fire -
NATO helicopters killed two Pakistan soldiers when they fired upon a army border post in Waziristan yesterday. Unmanned U.S. Drones have been flying and firing missiles in the area. However, this is the first time a NATO helicopter has invaded Pakistan space. The Washington Post has more here.


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