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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change Continues to Unfold in Egypt

George Wenschhof

After a week of peaceful demonstrations, the rule of President Hosni Mubarak is coming to an end. The only question remaining is how soon.

Earlier today, President Mubarak informed the nation and the world he would not run for another term in the upcoming September election, promising a smooth transition. He spoke of his loyalty to Egypt and his intention to live the remainder of his life there. You can watch his speech below.

Mass demonstrations continued with more planned for Friday with protesters calling for his immediate resignation.

President Obama continued his delicate dance in addressing the situation unfolding in Egypt with a short statement to the press early tonight. Obama indicated the transition must begin now. In his brief statement he acknowledged having spoken to President Mubarak following his speech. In addition, he praised the Egyptian army for their restraint and the protesters for their peaceful demonstrations. You can watch his speech below.

It is highly unlikely President Mubarak will be able to remain in office until the September election, or for that matter, be able to continue living in Egypt. A more likely scenario is for an interim government to assume control, the army ensuring stability, and the elections moved up to a closer date with Mubarak receiving asylum in either the U.S. or Britain.


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