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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008 Results - Live Blogging

George Wenschhof

As I have been saying for several days now, there are four key states to watch that will have a huge impact on the outcome of this election. They are with their electoral votes in parenthesis; Florida(27), North Carolina(15), Virginia(13) and Ohio(20).

If McCain is unable to pull an upset in Pennsylvania, he must win all four of the above key states in order to have a chance at winning today. Conversely, if Obama wins Pennsylvania, as expected and one or more of the above four key states, he will most likely win with a high electoral vote total exceeding 325.

If McCain wins all four of these key states, then we will be up late waiting for the results from New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado.

Either way, we will know fairly early in the evening the direction the vote is going. That is because the polls in the four key states close by 8:00 PM ET

Below, I have listed the times polls close in these states along with some other competitive states. I will indicate the winner of each state as soon as it is reported.

7:03 PM ET Update - MSNBC is saying Indiana is too close to call - this is good news for Obama. Kentucky(8) has been called for McCain and Vermont(3) has been called for Obama - both expected results. 7:50 PM S.Carolina(8) called for McCain-again this was expected.

8:00 PM ET - quite a few states called-most important ia Pa.(21) for Obama. Obama has won the following states: Illinois(21), NJ(15),Mass(12),Md(10),Conn.(7),NH(4), Maine(4),Del(3), and DC(3). McCain has won Tenn(11) and OK(7). Totals are now Obama: 103, McCain 34. No surprises to me so far-we need to hear from Fla, NC, Va,Ohio and In.

8:37 PM - Alabama(9) and Georgia(15) go for McCain as expected - Totals now Obama 103, McCain 58

9:03 PM - more states called: Obama - NY(31), Michigan(17), Minn(10), Wisc(10), RI(4). McCain N. Dakota(3), Wyoming(3) Totals now Obama 170, McCain 70 Arkansas(6) McCain Totals Obama 175, McCain 76

While, the late call of indiana may benefit Obama, the fact that Florida, N. Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia have not been called has to be unsettling for the Obama campaign.

9:23 PM Ohio(20) called for Obama -new totals Obama - 195, McCain 76. This is a big win for Obama and makes it very difficult for McCain to win. Louisiana(9) called for McCain-new totals Obama 195 McCain 85. New Mexico(5) goes for Obama - new totals Obama - 200, McCain-85.

9:43 PM McCain wins W. Va. - new totals Obama - 200, McCain 90. 10:03 PM Iowa(7)-Obama, Utah(5) McCain - new totals-Obama 207, McCain 129. 10:15 PM Miss.(6) McCain, new totals: Obama 207, McCain 135.

11:00 PM ET - MSNBC waiting until the polls closed on the west coast to declare Obama the winner! He wins California(55), Washington(11), Oregon(7), and Hawaii(4) to give him at least 284. This is without the results from Indiana, Florida, N. Carolina, and Virginia.

Barack Obama is the next President of the United States - Wow! The crowd in Grant Park in Chicago is going crazy!!

11:16PM - Florida(27), Virginia(13), Colorado(9) all go to Obama who now has at least 333 electoral votes.

6:00 PM ET
Indiana(11): Obama-Winner

7:00 PM ET
Virginia(13): Obama -winner
Georgia(15): McCain - Winner
Florida(27): Obama-winner
N.H.(4): Obama - winner

7:30 PM ET
North Carolina(15): Obama-winner
Ohio(20): Obama-winner

8:00 PM ET
Pennsylvania(21): Obama-winner
Michigan(17): Obama-winner
Missouri(11): McCain-winner

9:00 PM ET
New Mexico(5):Obama winner
Wisconsin(10):Obama winner
Minnesota(10): Obama winner

10:00 PM ET
Nevada(5): Obama-Winner
Montana(3): McCain-winner
North Dakota(3): McCain-Winner


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