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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Democratic Chatter 11-22-2008

George Wenschhof

Obama intends to implement a two year economic recovery plan after taking office on January 20 - the plan to include the creation of 2.5 million jobs, repairing bridges and roads, modernizing schools, and developing alternative energy sources. You can watch Obama give his weekly address outlining this plan here.


Dow increases almost 500 after rumors of Geithner for Treasury Secretary are leaked - although, this is a huge increase, the Dow which closed around 8000 yesterday is still thousands below what it was before the economic meltdown began to unfold. Most of the early analysis of the pick of Tim Geithner, the NY Federal Reserve Bank President has been positive with an emphasis on experience. has more here.


The Obama's pick school for their daughters to attend - for those who are interested in the personal family issues, Sidwell School was chosen. It is a private Quaker school where Chelsia Clinton also attended. The NY Times has more here.


Many liberal netroots and left leaning Democrats still wary of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State - after all wasn't she the one who campaigned against his foreign policy positions during the Democratic primary? Joan Walsh of writes about why Senator Clinton will make a good Secretary of State and it is a good choice by President-elect Barack Obama. You can read her column here.


Yesterday, President-elect Obama and vice-President elect Biden announced more White house staff - Patrick Gaspard for director of the Office of Political Affairs, Jackie Norris as Chief of Staff for the First Lady, Catherine Russell as Chief of Staff for Jill Biden, Cynthia Hogan as Counsel for the Vice-President and Moises Vela Jr. for Director of Administration for the office of the Vice-President. You can read more about the choices here.


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