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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-2-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Grand Rapids and East Lansing, Michigan - Biden is home in Wilmington, Delaware before heading to St. Louis, Missouri for the Vice President debate tonight.


Rescue Plan heads back to House for Vote - the 700 Billion, now over 800 Billion with add ons, rescue plan will most likely be voted on tomorrow by the House. Let's see how they vote the second time on this Bill with the add ons. has more here.


The much anticipated VP debate is tonight at 9:00 PM ET - It will be televised on CNN, MSNBC, and other cable channels - check your local TV guides. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri will be the site of the debate.

Gwen Ifill of PBS will be the moderator and she has come under fire from some conservative talk show hosts over the last couple of days. The reason? She wrote a book entitled "Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama" which discusses African-Americans in politics. The problem with the complaint is her book was announced back in July. If they are just now finding out about her book which will not be released until January of 2009, it would appear it was due to their lack of knowledge. The McCain campaign also approved of Ifill as the moderator. Seems this is more likely to have been orchestrated to take the attention off of the performance of Governor Palin. After all, if Palin does not do well tonight in the debate, the conservative right can claim it was due to bias by the moderator. Egaad! has some pre-debate analysis here. add their thoughts here. We will also live-blog during the debate.


More wisdom from Palin from Katie Couric interview - the greatest hits keep coming from Governor Palin as last night CBS broadcast an interview with Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden. The question was "did you agree with the Supreme court decision Roe v. Wade"? Biden said he did, acknowledged the difficulty of reaching consensus in America on such a difficult issue and argued the constitution provided for a fundamental "right to privacy" which the conservative right disagrees. When asked if there were decisions made by the supreme Court you disagreed with Biden mentioned their decision against a bill he had sponsored, the Violence against Women act.

When Palin was asked the same question, her answer was she opposed the Roe v. Wade decision and supported state's rights. She was for the right to life. When asked if she believed the constitution provided for the "right to privacy", she said yes - an answer sure to anger the conservative right. When asked to name another Supreme Court decision she opposed, after dancing around fumbling for an answer, well, she named Roe v. Wade. Go figure. You can watch the interview here.


Unemployment claims reach seven year high - the Labor Department reported claims ending the week of September 27 were much higher than had been previously predicted. has more here.


CNN/Time Polls also show Obama gains in swing states - The Poll was conducted from September 28-30 with the following results: Florida: Obama 51, McCain 47, Minnesota: Obama 54, McCain 43, Missouri: Obama 49, McCain 48, Nevada: Obama 51, McCain 47, Virginia: Obama 53, McCain 44. has more here.

More National Polls released last night show Obama Lead growing - Both polls were conducted from September 27-30. AP/GfK has it Obama 48, McCain 41 and CBS News has it Obama 50, McCain 41.


125-130 Million voter turnout predicted in November - Curtis Gan, who is the director of American University's Center for the Study of the American electorate says this could be the highest turnout since the 1972 election. has more here.


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