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Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain up 48% to Obama 45%

George Wenschhof

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll released today at 1:00 PM ET has McCain in the lead. This poll was taken September 4-6 and includes two full days following the Republican convention. Tomorrow, the Gallup daily tracking poll will have 3 full days following the Republican convention.

The 48% is the highest McCain has ever polled with Gallup, back in March and again in May of this year. has more here.

Today, in the San Francisco Chronicle, former long time California Democrat Willie Brown writes about how well Governor Sarah Palin performed at the Republican convention. He writes about how the Republicans now have the Democrats defending their positions on the issues, and how the Democrats don't do well defending positions. Read the article here.

With eight weeks to go, this election is shaping up to be another close one. Stay Tuned.

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