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Friday, September 12, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 9-12-2008

George Wenschhof


Today, Obama is in Dover and Concord, New Hampshire - Biden is in San Antonio, Texas. In the morning, Obama will be speaking on tax relief and at 6:00 PM ET, he will hold a "change we need" event in Concord.

-------------------- national poll average has it McCain 47.7% and Obama 44.9% - this covers nine polls taken since September 5. In only one, conducted by NBC/WJ Journal was Obama ahead and that showed Obama 46% and McCain 45%. You can read more here.


Obama to appear on Saturday Night Live - make sure you check it out tomorrow night - he appeared once before in a Halloween skit that was pretty funny. Hey, remember when I said it would be great if Tina Fey would play Sarah Palin - seems the network is talking to her about doing just that - maybe even tomorrow night - now that would be something to watch. has more here.


Last night, the "national service forum" focused on volunteering for your country - for a short two hour period the discussion with the two presidential candidates was about how to inspire Americans to want to give back by participating in community service programs. The Washington Post has more here.

The only weird part was when McCain was asked how he felt about Governor Palin belittling Obama's experience as a community organizer. His response was the campaign would not have gotten bitter had Obama agreed to the town hall debates he had proposed. Another Republican response filled with misdirection.


Obama campaign begins sharper tone - the NY Times reports, with the race essentially tied, the campaign will begin taking a tougher approach as concern rises among some Democrats. Read more here.


Obama campaign releases two new TV ads - one ad points out how McCain doesn't understand the economy, does not have a computer, does not know how to send an email and is out of touch. repeats the theme we can not afford four more years of the same. Watch it here.

The second ad is Obama speaking about real change - health care for Americans, tax breaks for middle class Americans - this year change has to be more than a slogan. Watch it here.

The McCain campaign responds with an ad stating the Obama campaign has been disrespectful toward Governor Sarah Palin. Watch it here.
12:30 PM ET Update - latest Obama ad points out Lobbyist ties to McCain campaign - Watch it here.


U.S. missiles strike Pakistan again, killing 14 people - for the third time this week, U.S. military action has occurred on Pakistan soil. This, as a stepped up attempt to battle the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces hunkered down in the mountainous border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. has more here.

Keep an eye on this, for Pakistan Army chief Ashfaq Kayani has said they do not want foreign involvement in their country. Meanwhile, Zardari who has just become President, needs continued U.S. monetary assistance in this nuclear armed nation. Stay tuned.

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